Lately, I have been worrying about my hair because aside from thinning (ugh, genetics!), it has become extremely damaged and sensitive due to all the coloring (plus retouching), post-trauma from bleaching and curling (now I'm slowly cutting the affected area off) that I  do to my hair. Well, I consider half of my hair practically dead but I don't wanna shorten my hair easily so i just deal with it through products that can help restore the problems of split ends, dryness, roughness, etc . 

So when I got this news from Sample Room that Pantene is introducing a new version of the Total Care conditioner which I had used back in college when I had that really long straight hair which needed intensive and preventive products for damage management, I definitely wanted to try it. I didn't have any problem with Pantene before even with my oily and dandruff-prone scalp (I have always used Head & Shoulders as my shampoo then I use other conditioners for special needs) so it was interesting to test the new bigger promise by Pantene-  a 3-minute damage control.


Last week, Maybelline introduced a new line of powder foundation that promises to keep Filipinas super fresh this 2015. We got to really know what's behind this innovation in the event through a test that you will see below.  Compared to other two-way cake foundations which traps in sweat and sebum, leaving the skin oily, plus the troublesome cakes and cracks that makes the skin look darker, White Super Fresh's Clean-touch Technology promises to battles all these, enabling its absorption power five times better than regular talc. Comparing it to one of the best-selling affordable powder in the market, it was indeed a different kind of powder that Filipinas can rely to.

“Women feel best about themselves right after they’ve had a morning shower and freshly-applied makeup. However, as the day goes, their skin is under attack by heat, humidity, and pollution that leads to sweat build-up which eventually pounds down their confidence!” shared Cary Noreen Co, Maybelline New York Product Manager. “This is where Maybelline New York comes in by offering the must-have powder foundation to make sure she always has that fresh feel confidence with White Super Fresh,” added Co.


I will be starting a new series where I share more about ingredients in products that I like, or that's new or that seem interesting to me ;) Sometimes I just wanna bring out the chemist in me (and I just miss! haha) so let's with Baobab, a common name of a genus of trees (Adansonia)!


"Love is friendship that caught fire."

I am still on a high from the feeling of love which I witnessed last weekend during the wedding of Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro. Everything was just beautiful, passionate and full of fire. 

Anyway, thanks to my friend, Kylie Marco for the dress that you made and for helping me select the other components like the coat that i wanted to insist on wearing because the color is so pretty! I haven't worn a formal attire for such a long time and I didn't know what to wear but orange and gold were just so bright and full energy. I needed those! ;)

And she danced; she danced with the music and with the rhythm of earths circles; she turned with the earth turning, like a disk, turning all faces to light and to darkness evenly. dancing towards daylight. - Anais Nin

Last weekend, Jim and Saab saved the world. It was love that we breathed and that caused a combination of tears (massive!!) and smiles all at the same time. Seeing Saab and Jim marrying each other, their dreams and fantasies, and letting us see those come to both reality and infinity, was such a genuine and generous act of love.

Thank you and congratulations, Jim and Saab! I have been a fan of your love ever since and I am forever grateful that I got to witness your special day. In times like these, your love is the kind that will really save the world. The kind that will make us all believe that love is really beautiful. Thank you very much!

More photos here.


Thanks for saving the world, Jim and Saab! More here.


Fragrances: one of my waterloos, really. For me, my mood is proportional to the scent of my environment. A lot of my memories are kept in bottles and jars (and that is why I always keep them even if there is just 1/8 of the total ml remaining). Part of how I represent myself is also dependent on oils and perfumes. So when SM Store invited me to a "Fragrance Festival", I definitely couldn't resist it.

In the festival, there were different brands that represented different olfactive families: Versace for florals, Elizabeth Arden for fruity, Davidoff Cool Water for Fresh, Giorgio Armani for Oceanic, Thierry Mugler for Woody, Agent Provocateur for Oriental. As for me, Fruity, Floral, Fresh and Oceanic caught my attention (in that order).


Yesterday, L'Oreal Makeup Designer / Paris challenged us to believe in Magic - that is to testify to the mattifying and transformative power of the new MAT Magique - a sister of the famous Lucent Magique that I've reviewed here on the blog. As one user of L'Oreal Paris foundations for years, I wanted to try this new line and while you know that I'm a fan of highlighters - which Lucent has in it! - matte foundations are great bases indeed for oily skin types like me!

But also, I heard that BJ Pascual, a renowned protographer represented by At East | Jed Root, would be taking our portraits after trying the line so I was really excited about it, actually quite nervous because BJ is a real PRO! ;) I always see his work in most magazine covers and billboards, and I am a real fan of his work. It was really exciting doing this with him and the team (Thank you L'Oreal Paris and BJ!) despite a super busy first week of January, by creating a look that I've never explored so much in this blog - a matte one that is made possible by the formula made of natural sebum absorber - volcanic pertile. LOTD and review soon at this blog!

P.S. I didn't place so much VSCO filter in the photos so you can see initially how matte and nice the foundation finish is!



I like music festivals not just because I can just be super creative and colorful with my LOTD and OOTD (these coming up soon! haha), but it is also where I can just dance and listen to my favorite EDM songs (Yes, I love EDM!). A few weeks ago, I supported the first ever inter-university music festival in the Metro in collaboration with Phil Pop MusicFest Foundation, called Apollo. And then went to Collision, A DLSU event, and accompanied Kat, who sponsored an college event as well. #feelingbagets and peg namin.

What I also like about is celebrating original music, promoting and empowering local songwriters and student DJ's as well! I had been part of a marketing organization (AJMA, which is also a partner here!) before in school and these events are truly something that can inspire and expose talents.


I am not a pageant person but there's this one contest that I join to almost every year. This lovely barkada (called "Pussy" who comprise mostly of Ateneo Dollhouse members as well) started a pageant called Miss Pussy World International of the Universe back in 2005 at one home and it evolved into a yearly event where all friends and circles would watch over brave pageant queens who are judged according to beauty = wit + creativity + poise. Last December, it celebrated its 10th year anniversary and 2013 Queen, Maffy Silvala, organized this year's grand event.

Last year, I was not able to join but as a beterana for 6 years already, this has been a great venue for all of us beks to just have fun, celebrate and bond over spiels, costumes and mga paandar. This year was my highest rank so far (1st runner-up na! haha) but despite all the bigness and "competition", I always have fun doing this, really! See you next year again, #MPWIU!

More photos here.


Here's part 2 of the #MPWIU2014 highlighting the 4 segments (Yes, that's many!! haha) that we really prepared for this year. Congratulations, Janlee Dungca for winning this year's #MPWIU!

More of #MPWIU2014 here.


Last night, I attended this event called Kids These Days: Kids of Beyonce and you know how I love Queen B! It made me so sad last year that her On the Run tour didn't even reach Philippines and Asia that much and I would really cry and spend for that if that will happen this year. Instead, as the first Saturday of my 2015, I went to Today x Future. It was my first time but it was quite familiar! I was happy to see some of my LGBT friends there, old classmates, current work mates and new friends that also loved the music that I listen to!
Loved the sets of Reggie, Paris and Inah! It was a mix of all my favorite Beyonce and non-B songs and I just enjoyed every song played, with much craziness and love in dancing ;) Will definitely be back in this place!!
(Apologies for the blurry pics! It was like my vision coz I forgot to wear contacts haha)


Together with fellow media and bloggers, we were so gratfeul to be photographed by BJ Pascual to testify to the power of the MAT Magique, the review of which I'll post soon. As my skin always gets tired from testing a lot of skin care and makeup, I really like how MAT Magique gave my skin a good coverage despite dullness and large pores due to acne and my super oily skin. Similar to Lucent Magique, I like how it helped the imperfections but this time, without the easier way of perfecting skin: illuminators. The matte effect is truly noticeable and versus the other L'Oreal Paris product, this is truly one mattifying foundation.
Anyway, below are more photos, using other L'Oreal Paris / Makeup Designer products with an eye color that I always see in the runway.  #BelievingInMagique, you too can join the L'Oreal Makeup Designer/Paris consumer launch on January 31 to February 1 at SM Mall of Asia Atrium. A special treat await those who simply visit and purchase a Mat Magique for a chance to have their profile photos taken as well by none other than BJ Pascual!

Photography: BJ Pascual
*cover photo with VSCO filter A4


New year and launching this giveaway c/o Benefit Cosmetics!


First, happy holidays everyone! I hope that you are having a good and cheerful one. It's the time of the year to be with friends and family and to just celebrate the times!

Holiday is also when I can be sparkly! I love how the weather and the night can help me express my creativity. And when it comes to makeup, I like it to be bright but bold, as how I want my season to be, and so I brought out the most sparkling, highlighting products, new and old, that I've got and created a typical full-on smokey eye, volumized lips and highlighted face. Got the time and chance to create this in the studio and here's what I got without beauty lights/ filters.

Photography: Benedict Bigalbal


With the amount of pigment that I place on my lips everyday, I have so much love and particularity for lip care products. I remembered one of you asking how I maintain dry and chapped lips despite the matte lipsticks (when I was still in that phase!) and below, I will share my favorites and my wardrobe as I call it - because I use different ones for different occasions and needs - and some techniques that might help you as well in this kind of season.


Color Riche is one of my popular posts in the blog as it is one of the first lipsticks that I reviewed in detail. It is one of those pigmented yet affordable lipsticks available in department stores. Now, With Color Riche L’Extraordinaire, L'Oréal Makeup Designer / Paris has created "a new generation of makeup - with color more intense than a lipstick, luster more sophisticated than a gloss, and comfort that is smoother than a balm." Below is my rating of this luxurious Parisian product, with justifications.

OVERALL: 4.75/5

Sharing the BTS and the shoot we've done for this year's Miss Pussy World International of the Unierse! Thank you Miss Maffy Silvala for organizing this year's best and beautiful #MPWIU2014 so far! Excited to share more photos of this pageant I joined a few weeks ago (click here). Thank you also to JhaJha Gabunal and team, for doing my "pageant makeup" (and the kabebe or hairline haha and everything beauty and costume related!) for this contest! Thanks also to my sister Mikka and cousin Kim for helping me in this pageant since 2012 ;)

Photography: Benedict Bigalbal (Glenn and my photos); Cholo Dela Vega (official photos)


Happy New Year Everyone!

Here's Part 2 of my Heima visit, with photos of things and interiors that I liked specifically from their "Life is a Party collection" together with the studio photos of their beautiful new collection which plays around with pastel party colors and sparkling gold to show how fun 'staying in' can be. I really love how everything sparkles and the pieces are perfect accents for homemade dinners or cozy house parties. Enjoy the sight of home and party below, with other furniture, art and décor—mostly locally designed and made.


My good friend asked me before: "If ever you will be a scent, what will it be and why". It was such a difficult question to answer given that I love perfumes, but I told her that I'd be a Floral, fruity scent. There are a lot of brands under that olfactive family but there's just this ultimate fragrance that I just discovered last October: Versace. And realized why did I you just appear in my life this time?

But while I may not be VS-sexy like Candice, i like how bright yet powerful, intense, and too-giving the scent is and I like to be seen as that. It all started with Yellow Diamond, which my cousin-in-law Shari kept on branding as my scent (Hi Shari!!), but Bright Crystal and its more intense version, Absolu, might be even be better as mine.


Last month, I attended an event by Heima called "Life Is A Party". I once visited the Heima store years ago and I was fascinated at how beautiful and creative the home pieces are.

Thing is, I love parties at home (and not just because I had slowed down partying in clubs). Weeks before this event, I have found comfort in celebrating Friday and Saturday nights by "staying in" with friends and cousins who live nearby. And it's because it gives so much freedom to play my own music and playlists - and I am proud to say that I have great ones (#feelingDJ), to consume food and drinks that me and my friends like, to do things that we like and share in common (I am known for showing Beyonce songs and videos to my friends haha), and to just enjoy each other's stories and interests.

My visit in Heima and My Apt - which is more for men; but despite this, I really like the industrial and modern feel of this more - made me appreciate more of that, with pieces that compliment and improve parties at the house, with the belief that each home is different. Maybe when I get to transfer to a new place, i could host more parties for friends and relatives! Or night makeup workshops, Yes?


Bobbi Brown is one brand that I look forward to when it comes to its holiday sets because it never compromises on the quality of the various products in a set/palette. Also, the holiday collections are unique in a way that it is only rare that the shades can be found in the singles or regulars. For 2014, Bobbi Brown also named as "BB" in this collection, has a new collection called Scotch on The Rocks which is based on warm matte browns, golden metallic nudes and deep ambers - all perfect for the season. "Inspired by the legendary American actress Lauren Bacall, this collection is a gorgeous combination of sexy, strong and confident. The look starts with skin, which has the subtlest warmed-by-the-fireside glow." As for holiday, Bobbi Brown curated personally a collection that can be unique to the receiver or the users. Below are my top picks!

Source: Bobbi Brown Philippines


2014 was a big year for beauty and with launches, relaunches and limited editions left and right, online or department store level, it gets exciting but also a bit overwhelming. Sometimes, I still get confused and amazed at the same time whenever I visit a cosmetics store, but below are my favorites from last year that are unique, hard-working and special in their ways!


Ever since I bought the MAC Morange and Sounds Like Noise lipsticks a year ago, I've been interested in this shade. Whether with a plain eye makeup or a full on smokey eye, orange has become my go-to color and for me, is the new classic/staple. Now, I added more to my collection and below are my reviews!


One of the events I look forward to every year, before the year ends: Bloggers United! Aside from my workshops, it's a time where I can interact more with you and fellow bloggers in a shopping bazaar. Despite the storm warnings, the event pushed through without heavy rain (thankfully) . Heard from the organizers that it was really difficult to move a super pre-planned event in another date but despite this, it was still very successful with impressive attendance.

Thanks to you and to all who joined us in this event! Hope that you are all safe and dry after the storm. More photos below ;)
P.S. There is a partnership between Bloggers United and Red Cross (event happening this 14th) that you might wanna check out!



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