For this month (and I know it is just one week left =( , I'll be giving away new products from a brand that's one of my favorites and which I'll be collaborating with for my holiday makeup party!


Earlier, I attended the second installment of the MAC Instant Artistry, the goal of which is to teach makeup in minutes. Last time, I learned a lot about Sculpted lips (that I even applied it to my own tutorial!) and this time, since I've been tired of doing smokey eyes, I wanted to be more creative AND faster than I already am (something I can do in the cab or the car as I always do!) when amping up my eyes ;)

What I really like about this activation (which will happen until tomorrow at SM Mega Fashion Hall) is how it further explains and lets you practise the videos that MAC promotes in its social media channels.  After all, artistry is skill, and to be able to do it quickly and still professionally takes time and repetition to be able to combine both. Below are my specific learnings from the event, focusing on easy day-night eyes!


Last Saturday, I went to Unleashed 3 at the SM MOA Concert Grounds. I really enjoyed the last installment which was a Wet Party, and while I also did this time as I heard Zombettes and NixDamnP, it was really wild with 18K+ people and the just heavy rain. The energy is so high and I bet that a lot of people enjoyed as I looked at all the IG posts (congratulations, Weedoo!) but I left early because I was really unprepared and I had to rush to another party. Thanks Ayos Dito and SM Youth for letting me stay in your booth! ;)


Hey girls! It's been a while since I interacted with you and in line as well with this new blog, and the upcoming favorite season (the holiday!!), I am planning a creative and insightful workshop/party again this month. It's going to be a free costume/makeup party + holiday workshop with MAKE UP FOR EVER PHILIPPINES!


I like music festivals not just because I can just be super creative and colorful with my LOTD and OOTD (these coming up soon! haha), but it is also where I can just dance and listen to my favorite EDM songs (Yes, I love EDM!). This year, I am supporting the first ever inter-university music festival in the Metro in collaboration with Phil Pop MusicFest Foundation, called Apollo.

What I also like about this is the objective of celebrating original music, promoting and empowering local songwriters and student DJ's as well! I have been part of a marketing organization (AJMA, which is also a partner here!) before in school and these events are truly something that can inspire and expose talents.


This is a really long overdue review but I just want to share more of Eye of Horus' winning product, but also more of what it can do, especially because it's really good and good in the sense of helping out others. 

PAYOFF 4.5/5

I love wood. Whether the base note of my perfumes, or as background of my IG post (haha) and this is what i wore when I went to Baguio! Oh, and I loved the weather and the relaxing vibe, hoped everyday could be like this!

Top: Super Sale Bazaar; Skirt: H&M; Shoes & Shoes: Forever 21


"Relax. You will become an adult. You will figure out your career. You will find someone who loves you. You have a whole lifetime; time takes time. The only way to fail at life is to abstain.” — Johanna de Silentio

Ever since I was a kid, every summer, we would always go to Baguio. It was really like the summer destination of my family and relatives until recently, Boracay! Anyway, my recent trip was definitely one for the books. While every single visit is different (or it is just me and my dramatic self in a cold weather haha), we went out of the box this time and went to the new, iconic and picture-worthy places like the former Ayuyang Bar, Oh My Gulay, Spade Club (which replaced Purple Bar that we visited 2 years ago), Cafe by the ruins (ugh, best coffee ever!!), Choco-late de Batirol, and this really nice drinking place called "Sala" (literally). Of course, old places spark new experiences and felt like #throwbackthursday every time: Camp John Hay, Manor, Mines View Park, Green Valley and a lot more.


It's been a year since Typhoon Yolanda struck the country and we all know there are still a number of people out there who are in dire need of our help and we must maximize everything that we have. I just read this and I just would like to help even in my simplest ways and I hope that you do as well. Now, beauty is as beauty does. Glamourbox and Eye of Horus Australia have joined together to support an Australian non-profit org It-Aint-Nothing. Their goal is to build 50 homes for 50 Filipino Families from Malapascua Island who have been affected by the typhoon. Today, their sites will be selling special Eye of Horus Gift Packs to raise money for this cause. All proceeds go to and as of today 28 homes have been built, 22 more to go!


I've been spending late nights for the past months due to a lot of projects and work and I couldn't really catch a good sunrise or sunset, the yellow and warm kind that is not too much. So when I went to Green Valley, which was the highest part of cold Baguio, last weekend, I was dying to just hangout there and take beautiful photos. It was golden and I feel balanced once again.

Jacket and shorts: Forever 21; Top: H&M; Bonnet from Baguio, Mines View Park, which has a lot of amazing finds!


Benefit Cosmetics, the quirky, bold and so girly brand from San Francisco, is one of the most creative and successful brands in the market, especially locally, but more than that is about raising eyebrows with its famous Brow Bar. I have heard of friends and relatives go there for waxing and shaping and I'm just thrilled to experience that for myself but a few days ago, I attended the brand's "Brow Party" and aside from knowing more about their craft, which is the brows, we got to know more about anything and everything brow-related from the Benefit International Spokesperson for Global Services, Jared Bailey (click to read my learnings). He travelled different countries to launch the newest offering called the Bling Brow, and the final stop was Manila.

What's so special about this is not just the extra special touch, or the way Brow Bar now is in a whole new (and quite literal) level. I like that it doesn't just allow for creativity, especially this holiday season where those sparkles are really irresistible and pretty, but it also leads to a professional way of doing the brow. I mean, as Jared would say, before any Bling Brow, the application requires finding the right brows for you - because for example, even deciding where the crystals will go depends on how you know your face shape, and where you will highlight/contour. It just creatively pushes us to perfect and embrace the basics and go beyond. But also, is the collaboration with Swarovski!!! The Bling Brows has eight shades available (in limited quantity starting November 2014), inn different sizes for flattering and glamorous brows and built with a special glue that makes it last and sparkle for a long time.


Last week, I attended Bobbi's Party and you know how I love Bobbi Brown and her philosophy. It's been a while since my last immersion to the brand and I wanted to see new things from one of my favorite makeup brands! But also, it was a day before my birthday so I wanted to say hi to my fellow beauty bloggers and we just had fun exploring the beautiful counter at SM Megamall, painting our nails with Bobbi's lacquers and doing our eye makeup with the help of the great counter artists (who are all very talented and creative men)! With this, Bobbi's new book was launched, alongside two new products, the Sheer Brights and Skin Weightless Powder Foundation.


Renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown—famous for her signature black frames—is often asked how to wear makeup with glasses. In line with her philosophy of Pretty Powerful, Bobbi teaches women how to define eyes and make them seen behind lenses. I can definitely relate to this ( I even made an LOTD years before) as a frames user and I agree that makeup should complement and not compete with glasses. It should be a harmonious mix of colors and shapes and styles. These are the key theses of the book: for statement frames, go for bolder colors and for delicate frames, choose a softer look. No matter the preferred shape of and style of frames—round or square, bold or classic—Bobbi makes it easy to create standout eye looks. And this is made possible by knowing the makeup that suits your eye, face shape, etc that Bobbi Brown navigates through her book (and through a counter service and new line of glasses soon!)

But also, Everything Eyes teaches and redefines a lot of makeup techniques that are unique to Bobbi and her philosophy of makeup as style to each individual, but this time, more instructional and step-by-step versus her last book. I will apply learnings in my next LOTD's and this book is definitely one that you would go back to and read again to remind you of style and the right cosmetics for your eyes.


Described as the scent of London garden after the rain, “My Burberry is the true embodiment of our brand, in scent, in design and in attitude. A fragrance that takes its lead from the iconic Burberry trench has to be outstanding in every way.” Christopher Bailey, Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer, Burberry
Source: LuxAsia, Burberry


It's halloween and MAC brings the cult horror/comedy show into a limited cosmetics edition and I really like it! I just know how the 1975 movie brought about changes in the LGBT revolution and I wanna share more of this soon with my LOTD/interpretation. But for now, this is flying very fast in store (I brought 2 items in MAC Eastwood) and I quickly swatched my favorites below. Anyways, happy halloween, everyone!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show kicks off the celebration of its 40th anniversary in wild style with an untamed M∙A∙C collaboration, featuring an outrageous collection of hues and products specially designed to recreate the looks of your favourite characters from the 1975 cult classic film. Transform yourself into a sex-swapping mad scientist, heroic newlywed, alien from Transylvania or even the time-warped Riff Raff, with an orgy of colour worthy of any midnight mayhem at The Frankenstein Place. - MAC


Nowadays, "nail art" is becoming more accessible to a lot of us with various templates, stickers/wraps and other forms which for me makes it less of an art. While the concept of instant nails that a lot of the brands offer give us convenience and comfort, there are just times when you need a drawing or painting on the nails that reflects how you feel!

So last week, I got the chance to meet a fabulous artist, Mimi Qui, who's also now the creative ambassador of the No. 1 nail brand in Korea called Bandi. She has 1 main shop in Malate which I've heard of before through my tita who would go to there for special designs and add-ons. And I really like how she worked on my nails. Despite the 1 hour I had, which is very short for her (plus she really hated how I rush the process haha), she took so much effort on how executing the design that I had pegged and chosen with Bandi. And she's super nice too! 

Mimi's passion for nail art started at a young age as she believes that the design of the nail speaks to the wearer's character, mood and likes. She enjoys using Bandi because of the color selection for Asians.

But also, versus acrylic which dries faster, gel nail polishes allow more time for her to blend, create and draw. I like how Bandi takes the gel to another level. And oh, it really stays so long - the art and the crystals are still on my nails even after 1 week!


Note to self: Accept the labels and realities. There are spells. Deal with the insecurities. To get to a more beautiful place. Do what you love, be who you are and speak louder. There is a beautiful space for everyone. 


Fall/Winter, or simply Holiday, is when I could wear the shades I truly love. Brands will promote and others would wear the darkest plums, blacks or fuchsia but I love sticking to the colors that fit me, and only slightly adjusting the intensity. Now with lips where I would place color emphasis next to my eyes, I have my reds, oranges and metallics lippies in my bag!


The long overdue blog is now up with a new layout/design c/o Sherica Ocbania and logo by Vince Canlapan! Now I do hope that you can share the site to other people who also love what I'm interested in and passionate about. There will be more as I'll be also celebrating my Blog birthday event soon ;)


Small, dry, uneven lips - I have them all. And while I focus too much on my eyes every single time, sometimes, I just do want to give attention to my lips despite all these. And when I do, this is how put volume to it. And I will speak. =)


That day was the first time I participated in a photo shoot. Not as a makeup artist or part of the planning team as I always am behind the scenes, but as MYSELF!! I am also used to taking photos of myself for this blog and I was really nervous (I had to drink!! haha) but I just thought of things that inspire and move me, the reasons why, and my friends who supported me in this.

And because I had real fun, I am thinking of doing more creative shoots like this for my OOTD's or LOTD's. Soon!

Again thank you Drake, Terence of MAC and Bon for helping out!


My theory is that the more pigment there is in the lipstick and it doesn't dry the lips too much, then the price goes up. Unfortunately, based on experience, even in the premium department stores, there are limited options when you're searching for both true comfort and color payoff.

However, there are some affordable brands which have a pretty good level of pigment already, with nice selection of colors, AND with great comfort / wearability which is clear with semi-matte and glossy lipsticks that are available in the nearest department stores or beauty distributor.


I always want to think ahead. The future for me is always bright no matter how past and present may seem like. For my LOTD, I am inspired by the future and will always be.

Photography: Drake Dustin Ibay 


The third installment of the Hunger Games will be out soon. I got so excited and inspired to create my own Capitol looks since last year after Catching Fire (see my Instagram posts!!!) and will be finally sharing these with another one! While the movie (and a new website) places emphasis on entertainment and fashion which is what's being used as escapism for the wrongdoings of Panem in the literal sense, we must not forget the Mocking Jay.


A few weeks ago, MAC launched their PRO lipsticks (click for reviews) but alongside that, I had a one-on-one with a MAC artist with regard to lipstick application. Now, if you can see the swatches, you'll know how intense the color payoff of the lipsticks and if you ask me, I won't really care about application (you just know when the product can take care of that). But then during the event, with the use of extra products like a lip primer, lip pencil, etc - I realized that I need volume for my lips. I am impressed with they can do this in minutes. Thanks, MAC!


My first encounter with Benefit was with the iconic Browzings which you can see in my previous LOTD's. It is a combination of powder and wax, and color, which would allow you to shape, fill in, and color your brows with your desired intensity.

This was the same product that Jared Bailey, a licensed aesthetician and global Brow expert, used in his Brow Workshop during the Brow Party of Benefit Cosmetics. Aside from the 3 looks he created with the new Benefit Bling Brows x Swarovski, he imparted the idea of "arch" excellence which is his mission for girls around the globe. His technique is one of those practised in all Benefit brow bars around the world - whether coloring, shaping, waxing or styling. He starts off by determining the shape of the brow by making it proportional to the face shape. The thing that's really unique is how he emphasized the arch which the most crucial part because that determines how the face will be contoured or lifted. He then lined the upper part and fixed the tail which is important as well especially for those with round shapes (that would require a longer one).He then filled in the remaining and removed excess with a clean brush.

What I like about the technique is how scientific it is and logical as well to place the pigment and shape first and then blend. This is especially nice and applicable for me who has a round face shape. But also, is how creative he progresses with the Bling Brows, which served as a highlighter for the eyes. Benefit has 3 looks for this: the Touch of Bling, Big time Bling and Over the top Bling. Personally, I wanted the first and last for more contouring of the eyes, where the sparkles would meet the light and make that area pop. Thanks Jared and Benefit for this  and looking forward to more brow missions!


BYS is a fun, fashionable and reachable brand that is making an impact in the global market as well as locally. In the past 12 months since its launch in the Philippines, BYS focused on face products such as foundation primers, a new matte foundation, crème foundation (which is a bestseller in the Philippines), and the new HD (high definition) powders - reviews coming up soon. I have reviewed nonetheless some of its lipstick lines and I was really impressed with how they value their users' value for money. With 120 stores currently, BYS has proven that it is possible to produce innovative cosmetics without exorbitant price tags, says Ed Aitken, founder of this Australian makeup brand - whom we met at the anniversary launch. Currently, BYS has shifted its focus on brows with new brow pencils, an auto brow, and a game-changing brow kit which will be in Philippine stores next month. Also, there are a lot of new products for lips and face (I swatched some below) that are truly exciting. Way to go, BYS, and congratulations on your success!


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